Lima UMADAOP 2021 Fall Conference

Myrtle Boykin- Lighton CEEO htt CEO

T hank you for your participation in the 32nd annual UMADAOP’s of Ohio Federation Conference.

Our Theme is UMOJA “Unity” To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation and race, our families, our neighbourhoods, and our communities - speaks to our commitment to ensuring that communities of color across Ohio benefit from culturally specific prevention, treatment, recovery and mental health services. There is power in unity and together we can create a movement that brings tangible change and creates a future of hope. The UMADAOP Federation of Ohio has experienced a rich history of growth, and in many instances been the forefront in introducing new avenues to treatment in Ohio and change to how treatment services are delivered. We will forever be grateful for that network of providers that supported our vision and ensured that the vision was carried out. The annual conference just continues our long tradition of ensuring that communities across Ohio benefit from effective change, culturally specific prevention, treatment, recovery and mental health services. The UMADAOP Federation of Ohio was established in 1979, the result of legislation championed by former State RepresentativeWilliam L. Mallory. With support from former Ohio State SenatorWilliam F. Bowen and State Representative RayMiller, a network of providers was

developed to ensure that communities of

color would have access to prevention, treatment, recovery and mental health

services.~~~~~This year’s conference hosted by the Lima UMADAOP, features sessions on addressing health disparities,

advocacy, recovery and treatment, intersectionality, and working with communities of faith. Moreover, in celebration of National Recoverymonth we’re pleased to present two nights of entertainment: Nationally known comedian and Actor Michael Colyar, Locale comedian Kool Keith Cook and theWilliamBrady Band God Bless and enjoy Best Regard,

Myrtle Boykin-Lighton, CEO


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