MAYDM Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County partners with Maydm to demystify technology and programming for members while instilling confidence to become innovators. Maydm partners with our clubs to prepare students for a future in STEM through immersive programs and workshops. SUN PRAIRIE MEDIA CENTER Sun Prairie Media Center gave opportunities for Prairie Phoenix Academy Students to experience what it’s like to story board, record, andeditvideosusingcomputersoftware. Thisprogramming created valuable and real-life STEM opportunities. LISTEN TO OUR YOUTH - PSA Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County wanted to ensure that youth were engaged in the conversation about COVID-19 vaccines, especially now that vaccines are available. Lives have been greatly disrupted by the pandemic. The goal of this competition is to give youth a platform to share factual, positive information regarding COVID-19 and vaccines to inspire hope in our communities!


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