Our paid summer interns worked both virtually and in-person with internship partners across Dane County for meaningful opportunities to build skills, confidence, and connections in their fields of interest. Interns participated in weekly professional development sessions at our Club on the Square. Topics included How to Job Hunt with Peter Gray Executive Search, Microaggressions in the Workplace with Dane County Office for Equity & Inclusion, Money Management with Natalie Ponce at UW Credit Union, and Homeownership. Digital Career Experience: 46 members A fully virtual internship experience for Boys & Girls Clubs members allowed students to experience all of the benefits of a summer internship without leaving home. Participants explored their career interests, built job-ready skills, networked with local professionals and worked on collaborative projects to build teamwork, communication, and technology skills for the workplace! Career Exploration: 47 Members Career Exploration is the first step in our career readiness process, for 8th & 9th grade BGCDC members. Students explored their career interests and career pathways, networked with local college educators and professionals, and explored their own skills and strengths. This is the stepping stone for the Digital Career Experience program, helping our members to first narrow down their career pathway and next steps before taking a more focused approach. Social Media Ambassadors: 10 This is an internship experience for BGCDC members interested in exploring the intersection of social media & social justice. Interns learned about social activism, social justice, and how to create impactful social media content which amplifies the issues that matter to them and their community. SUMMER INTERNSHIPS


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