MENTAL HEALTH Mental health effects during the global pandemic were very important to monitor, especially in children. Staff provided a safe, caring environment for youth to deal with the sudden changes to their social lives and daily routines, the inability to access education, food insecurity, and more. HEALTHY HABITS Healthy Habits emphasized good nutrition, regular exercise, and improved overall well-being. Our kids have been making healthy snacks such as taco pizzas and fruit dip, as well as discussing other types of healthy snacks they can make and enjoy at home! Our Clubs will continue to enjoy the Healthy Habits program. FAMILY GARDEN CLUB A volunteer led program, members learned about the basics and benefits of gardening, composting, and plants through hands on engaging activities. Members were also responsible for the weeding, watering, and harvesting throughout our summer programming. The Garden Club focused on teamwork and leadership skills as they work alongside their peers for a common goal.


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